We restore lives.

The Logan CAC and the new Mingo CAC along with our partners are the front-line responders in Logan and Mingo Counties in West Virginia to reports of child sexual abuse and children who have experienced violence. Since opening our doors,, we have served more than 800 children.

The Logan Center


Located in a building owned by the Logan County Commission, the Logan Center offers a full array of staff and programs.
We were incorporated in 2006 and are listed as a public charity with the Secretary of State.

The Logan Investigative Team meets the last Tuesday of each month to work collaboratively on cases.

The Logan MDIT

Members of the Logan Investigative Team include:

  • Logan CAC
  • WV State Police- Crimes Against Children’s unit
  • WV State Police- Logan Detachment
  • Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, David Wandling & Jeannie Christian
  • Logan County Sheriff’s Department
  • Children’s Protective Services
  • Logan Mingo Area Mental Health
  • Regina Bias, PNP BC- Kids First Clinic
  • Tug Valley DV Services   Lisa Wimmer

The Mingo Center


Opened in October 2014, the Mingo Center is located in a building owned by the Mingo County Commission. This location is a satellite of the Logan program with Advocacy, Forensic interviews and therapy provided on designated days. The Mingo Center’s programs will expand with growing demand.

The Mingo Team, IMDT, meets on the second Friday of each month to work collaboratively on cases

The Mingo MDIT

small copy Mingo IMDT .
Members of the Mingo Investigative Team include:

  • Mingo CAC
  • WV State Police- Crimes Against Children Unit
  • WV State Police- Mingo Detachment
  • Prosecuting Attorney Teresa Maynard
  • Children’s Protective Services
  • Stop DV Team
  • Logan Mingo Area Mental Health
  • Mingo County Schools
  • Mingo County Sheriff’s Department
  • Williamson Police Department
  • Regina Bias, PNP BC- Kids First Clinic

Our Mission:
The Centers we operate belong to the children of Logan and Mingo Counties. Our mission is to provide a child friendly safe location for the Multi-disciplinary Team approach in the investigation of child abuse and to provide services that facilitate the recovery of the victim. The Centers will also offer other services and programs that seek to facilitate the safe and healthy children in our communities.

The Logan and Mingo CACs coordinate the efforts of child protection staff, law enforcement professionals, family advocates, medical experts and mental health clinicians under one roof. Our staff:

  • facilitates our partners’ collaborative response
  • arranges families’ visits to the center, including provision of support services, such as transportation
  • conducts forensic interviews
  • provides family advocacy and crisis intervention services
  • provides mental health therapy
  • ensures appropriate medical treatment

All of our services are aimed at reducing trauma so that children and families may begin the healing process. The Logan & Mingo CAC services are free of charge to every client.

What Is a Child Advocacy Center?

Traditionally, children are moved from agency to agency and endure multiple interviews, which creates additional trauma. A child advocacy center (CAC) turns that model upside down by providing one safe, child-friendly facility where child protection, criminal justice, and child treatment professionals work together to investigate abuse, hold offenders accountable, and help children heal.

Why the CAC Model Works.

Our Logan and Mingo centers were  able to provide help to 165 children in 2014. Because our model makes children and families feel safer, we’re seeing more child victims of abuse walk through our doors each year.


Our Team Sets Us Apart.

Our staff of experienced professionals are dedicated to helping children heal from abuse in Logan and Mingo Counties. We are equally supported by our Board of Directors — eight volunteers who are committed to our mission and bring a variety of vital professional expertise and experience to the organization.

  • Robert Noone

    Robert Noone Adoptions

    Alabama & West Virginia

  • Dr. M.E. White

    White Eye Care

    Logan, WV

  • Jane Watson

    Logan County Schools

    Logan, WV

  • Jackie Tomblin


    Logan, WV

  • Ken & Valice Hatfield

    Gilbert Hardware

    Gilbert, WV

  • Charlene Necessary

    ERP Compliant Fuels, LLC

    Man, WV

  • Ken Nunley


    Omar, WV

  • Vickie Bell

    DHHR Liasion


The Logan and Mingo CACs are proud to partner with the following agencies:
WV State Police
Logan and MIngo Co Sheriff’s Departments
Logan Regional Medical Center
Necco Family Services
Logan Mingo Area Mental Health
Tug Valley Recovery Shelter & Stop Team
Prosecuting Attorney John Bennett
Prosecuting Attorney Teresa Maynard
Williamson Police Department
Southern Health Systems
Coalfield Health Center
Children’s Home Society
Mingo County Schools
Logan County Schools